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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service for

Last Updated: [22 November, 2023]

1. Introduction

  • Purpose: Explanation of the document’s intent and its binding effect as a legal agreement.
  • Acceptance of Terms: Statement that by using, users agree to these terms.

2. Use of Website

  • Eligibility: Age restrictions or other criteria for using the website.
  • Permitted Use: Description of acceptable use of the website and its content.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

  • Ownership: Clarification that content on is owned by Ivan Kuroki or licensed to him.
  • Restrictions: Prohibitions on unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of website content.

4. User Contributions

  • Types of Contributions: Types of user-generated content allowed (e.g., comments, posts).
  • Content Standards: Guidelines and standards for user contributions.
  • Rights Granted: Description of the rights granted to the website by users posting content.

5. Account Registration and Security

  • Account Creation: Guidelines for creating and maintaining an account.
  • Responsibility for Account: Users’ responsibilities for account security and activity.

6. Prohibited Activities

  • Detailed list of prohibited actions on the website (e.g., hacking, spamming, offensive content).

7. Termination of Use

  • Conditions under which a user’s access to the website may be terminated.

8. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

  • Disclaimers: Statements that the website is provided “as is” and disclaimers of warranties.
  • Limitations: Limitations of the website owner’s liability regarding user use of the site.

9. Indemnification

  • Requirement for users to indemnify the owner from claims arising from their use of the website.

10. Dispute Resolution

  • Governing Law: Statement of the legal jurisdiction governing the TOS.
  • Resolution Process: Steps for resolving disputes arising under the TOS.

11. Modifications to Terms

  • Statement that the TOS may be modified and how users will be informed of changes.

12. Contact Information

  • How users can contact Ivan Kuroki regarding TOS issues.